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Why use Traindom for building courses?

Unparalleled ease of creating information products

Traindom is so easy to use, even a first-time computer user can do it.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Set up products in just minutes
  • Nothing to install, always up to date
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Get more clients and members to pay, stay and refer

You can provide a better product experience with Traindom.

  • Professional landing pages that convert more sales
  • Beautiful and easy-to-use members area
  • Community management tools
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All the features you need are already built in

You can provide a better product experience with Traindom.

  • video hosting & streaming
  • Integrations with with most tools marketers need
  • Use your own domain name and logo, modify the design
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WYSIWYG editor for creating content.
Decide with a click whether to make it drip content or available immediately.

Choose your currency. Make it a single or recurring payment product.

At-a-glance overview
of your customers.
Add new ones or
block accounts you don't want anymore.

Settings menu is your gateway to cool stuff. Add analytics and email marketing integrations. Customize CSS. Point the product to your own domain.

How our users are making money

One-time payment products

Steven is selling access to his option trading course OptionFu for a single, one-time payment of $299.

For this fee the customers get lifetime access to the course.


Recurring payment products

Lillian is a life coach. She recently launched a virtual coaching program for young people seeking their path.

She charges $14.95 per month for accessing the monthly coaching program.

Life Purpose$14.95

Subscription products

Peep is using Traindom to run a monthly subscription service called Videoraamatud.

For a monthly fee of €14 members get access to all the new summaries.


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Why use Traindom for building courses?

You can get your information product up and running in just minutes. Creating online courses and membership sites with Traindom is phenomenally quick and easy.
Traindom is an information marketing platform that eliminates the technical hassles So you could focus on your business. It's an all-in-one tool that enables you to deliver a better product experience for your customers and increase sales. Get more clients and members to pay, stay and refer.