„Anyone can start a business“

This is what we as a company stand for -

we believe that the combination of entrepreneurial people, technology and internet
is all powerful and can change the world for better in so many ways.

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Internet has the unique ability to deliver huge amounts of information rapidly and efficiently – to any destination around the world.

Information – consisting of bits and bytes – can travel fast from country to country, across borders, tolls and vast distances.

On the internet everybody is equally far – or rather close by. If you’re in the business of information marketing, it doesn’t matter if your client is the next door building or on the other side of the globe.

This is how anyone can build a truly global business. All you need is a platform that enables you to take advantage of all this. Until now lack of technical skills or money has been stopping people from starting their own online businesses. Not anymore.

At Traindom we provide the tools and training you need to build a successful information marketing business at very affordable cost.

Now really anyone can start a business.

Margus Laak
Our approach
Our aim is to provide the absolute best platform for information marketers to start and run their business.
We’re always keeping in mind these 3 principals:

Simplicity rules

Simplicity rules

While Traindom is powerful and enables internet entrepreneurs build successful businesses, it is easy to use. We put great effort into making our service simple and intuitive to use.

Our aim is to remove all obstacles and hassles that normally come with building online businesses. It will take you only seconds to pick up how to go about using Traindom.

Useful should be affordable

Useful should be affordable

We are entrepreneurs too and understand cost. That’s why we’ve made Traindom affordable basically to anyone. You don’t pay until you make money with it and your monthly payments depend on your monthly sales.

If times are tough, you also pay less. We also never charge a setup or termination fee. There are also no contracts - you can cancel at any time.

Technology must be an enabler, not a roadblock

Technology must be an enabler, not a roadblock

You shouldn’t need to be a techie to start an online business. Until now this has been a major block on the road for so many. We make sure you don’t need any specific technical skills to use Traindom.

Business owners should focus on their business and not waste time figuring out technical issues.

Meet our team
Traindom core team members are from Estonia, country that gave us Skype, The Singing Revolution and world's first national parliament elections over the internet. Estonia is one of the most dynamic business environments of the past decades and known technology innovator.

Traindom core team is comprised of 5 top professionals

Rain Allikvee

Rain Allikvee is our lead designer and usability architect. He has more than 10 years of experience in graphics design, UI, prototyping and web design. He is in charge of Traindom’s front-end/back-end design and usability engineering.

Rain is passionate about the ways that design and creativity can affect daily life, reflect human needs and inevitably impact the world. He spends his free time with sport and heavy parties. He loves to travel and discover differences between cultures.

Peep Laja

Peep Laja is heading marketing and business development for Traindom. He boasts years of international leadership experince having worked in Estonia, Dubai, Panama and the US managing and marketing various organizations. Peep is an expert of internet marketing and has been a full-time internet entrepreneur for several years.

He loves to travel and goes backpacking through various parts of the world at least once a year. Peep has also a lot of fun with his name as its pronounced differently in almost every part of the world. The actual pronunciation is Pep Laya.

Jaanus Lang

Jaanus Lang is our system analyst. He has 11 years of experience in IT and software development. His expertise in software engineering, especially in CMS, CRM and ERP development is an invaluable asset to us.

Jaanus likes to fantasize and gives 200% with everything he does, sometimes we just have to hold him down. He spends his free time with his family and thoughts.

Kristjan Võrk

Kristjan Võrk is our chief infrastructure architect. He has over 10 years of experience in system administration and development, VPN solutions. He has substantial knowledge in financial sector software.

Server room – the facility with restricted access and decent cooling, that is the reason he used to run DIY NAS box in his kitchen inside the sink locker … ;)
New technologies and the ways to make them work for us has been always the passionate hobby for him, there is always a few better ways to implement the feature, You just need to use the right tools for the task!

– “Your data is safe, I promise!”

Margus Laak

Margus Laak is the chief software architect. He has over 10 years of software development being a lead-programmer and system architect.

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  plan = work()
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         + gym()
         + sleep()

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We have offices both in Tallinn, Estonia and Austin, Texas, US.

Email us at info@traindom.com
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